Located 200 miles southeast of Miami and 50 miles east of Nassau, Eleuthera has three airports: Governors Harbour (GHB) in central Eleuthera, North Eleuthera (ELH) at the north of the island, and a smaller airport at Rock Sound, on the south of the island. Getting to Eleuthera is easy with daily flights from Nassau, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Orlando.

Nassau is the shortest flight (just 20 minutes to Eleuthera), has the most flights per day, and has the least expensive flights (just $75 each way). There are daily non-stop flights to Nassau from many airports including Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington DC, Charlotte, Atlanta, Dallas, Toronto, Montreal, and London, and weekly non-stop flights from Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, Newark, and Calgary. From Nassau, Southern Air, Pineapple Air, and Bahamas Air all fly to Eleuthera multiple times a day (see below for contact info, websites, and schedules) including flights to Governors Harbour at 8 a.m., 12 noon, 3:30, and 4 p.m.  IMPORTANT:  Most of these flights do not appear on websites like Expedia.  You can use the booking engine on this webpage to view and book those flights.  In order to catch the last flight to Eleuthera at 4 p.m., plan to arrive in Nassau no later than 2:30 p.m. An important tip to breeze through customs in Nassau:  There is a separate line if you are going on to Eleuthera, and there is never anyone in that line.  To use that line, follow the signs for "Family Island Intransit" or "Family Island Connections."

From Fort Lauderdale, Silver Airways has daily flights to North Eleuthera Airport, and flights several times a week to Governors Harbour. 

From Miami, American Airlines has non-stop jet service to North Eleuthera airport about five days a week. 

From Orlando, Silver Airways has flights to North Eleuthera on Saturdays only.



BahamasAir 800 222 4262
Daily flights from Nassau to Governors Harbour (flights depart at 8:30 a.m & 3:30 p.m.)
Daily flights from Miami to Nassau
Daily flights from Ft. Lauderdale to Nassau

Pineapple Air 242 377-0140
Pineapple Air at Governors Harbour Airport: 242 332-3811
Multiple Daily Flights from Nassau to Governors Harbour (as well as North Eleuthera and Rock Sound)
Flights depart Nassau at 6:45 a.m., 11:45 a.m., and 3:45 p.m.
Flights depart Governors Harbour at 7:40 a.m., 12:40 p.m., and 4:40 p.m.

Southern Air 242 377-2014
Southern Air at Governors Harbour Airport: 242-332-3270
Multiple daily flights from Nassau to Governors Harbour
Flights depart Nassau at 7 a.m., 12 noon, and 4 p.m.
Flights depart Governors Harbour at 7:35 a.m., 12:30 p.m., and 4:35 p.m.


American Airlines 800-433-7300
Flights from Miami to North Eleuthera (five to seven flights per week)
Flight leaves at approx. 12:30 p.m.
Daily flights from Miami to Nassau

Silver Airlines(sub-contractor for United Airlines)801-401-9100
United at Governors Harbour Airport: 242-332-3445
Daily flights from Ft. Lauderdale to Governor's Harbor (GHB) and North Eleuthera (ELH)
The flight to GHB leaves approx. 1 p.m. The flights to ELH leave approx. 2:30 and 5:30.

Watermakers Air 954-771-0330
Flights from Ft. Lauderdale to North Eleuthera and Rock Sound. Frequent, Reliable, and Comfortable. Contact, or visit

Wildcat Touring 1-888-462-0464
A new first-class-only service from Fort Lauderdale to ELH with 5 feet of legroom, two free checked bags, free drinks, and departure from the private terminal for a streamlined charter-like check-in process.  This new flight operates twice a week, on Thursday and Sunday., (954) 318-3327.

Aztec Airways 954-601-3742
Flights from Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport to North Eleuthera and Governors Harbour, three times a week, Fridays, Saturdays and Mondays. Fare is $249.00 each way. Please check out our website for any additional information,

Paige Gordo 910-444-2545
If you would like assistance booking your flights to Eleuthera, we have a travel agent who would be happy to take care of that for you. Paige Gordo; 1-910-444-2545.  She charges $35 per ticket. 


Performance Air Limited 242-341-3281
Capt. Kendal Ingraham: office:  242-341-3281; cell: 242-424-3825 Other numbers: 242-427-8098;  242-359-0730: 5 seat $850; 9 seat $1200,  Eleuthera Vacation Rentals clients receive a discount of $50 off the rate on the 5 seater and $100 off the 9 seater.

Dove Wings – Captain Ed Hanna: 242-359-1491   5 seats $750, 9 seats $1000


Performance Air 242-341-3281
Charter flights from Ft. Lauderdale to Governor's Harbour, North Eleuthera, Rocksound and Marsh Harbour. Rates: From Ft. Lauderdale/Miami - Governor's Harbour; Aztec (5 passengers) $2800, Cheiftain (7 to 8 passengers) $3500 Contact Capt. Ken, 242-424-3825 or Ruby 242-427-8098,

Air Flight Charters  954-359-0320
Charters from Fort Lauderdale Airport (FLL) to all locations in the Bahamas via a fleet of Cessna 402s. One way from Fort Lauderdale to Governors Harbour for up to 9 passengers:  $2982. Contact Heather  

Eastern Air Express 954-772-3363 
Charter flights from Ft. Lauderdale and Miami to Governor's Harbor and North Eleuthera. Contact Greg Vanek,

Monarch Air 954-958-0445
Operates out of SheltAir FBO, located at the Fort Lauderdale International Airport at the base of the control tower. From FLL to GHB on an executive configuration 7-seat Navajo Chieftain:  Round Trip about $5000 for up to 7 passengers. Contact: Scott Lehr; Phone: 9549580445; Email:

Great Flight Charter 561-718-6167
Great Flight is a WPB private flight charter company providing national and international flights from West Palm Beach’s PBI airport, Ft. Lauderdale and Miami. For up to six passengers: PBI-MYEH: $3880, FLL-MYEH: $4480, MIA-MYEH: $4980. Contact Adam Norwitch 561-718-6167.


Tommy Pinder (Governors Harbour): 242-359-7089
Stanton Cooper (Governors Harbour): 242-359-7007
Arthur Nixon (Governors Harbour) 242-332-2568


Kean Stubbs: 242-422-9611, takes MC/VISA
Neymour Car Rentals: 242-470-0899, 242-559-3381, specializing in Jeeps and other 4 x 4 vehicles.
Naaman Rolle: 242-359-7166, (specializes in mini vans)
Elvis Cooper: 242-553-5961; 242-554-5966,
Butch Johnson: 242-470-8531; 242-332-1531,
Big T's Car Rental: 242-359-7598 or 242-332-1788
Hilton Johnson: 242-335-6241
Wilfred Major (Rock Sound): 242-334-2156
McClain Pinder: 242-470-9025, 242-332-3244
Sabal Palm Car Rental: 242-470-0051;
Tyrone Knowles:  242-470-0238, 242-332-0346,
Taylor and Taylor: 242-332-1665,

Sunshine Rentals (Rainbow Bay): 242-335-0748, 242-359-7840
Knowles Rent-A-Car: 242-332-1080
WWT Car Rental: 242-470-2554, 242-225-2434;
Frankie's Car Rentals: 242-553-5211, 242-557-7963;

Island Fresh Car Rentals, BJ Johnson: 1-242-464-0374; 242-698-6798; (has newer cars and charges a bit more)
Fine Threads Car Rentals (North Eleuthera) 242-359-7780;
Tracy Williams: 242-554-5892; 242-335-6173,

Cadet Car Rentals: 242-332-3114; 242-470-3975,;
MJ's Car Rentals, Mecose Johnson: 242-332-3095, 242-554-6701,

James Major and Family Car Rentals: 242-551-3832,





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